About us

Bangladesh Association, Houston (BAH) was established in 1978 to cherish, promote and share the ideals and rich cultural heritage of Bangladesh. It was the natural progression of the Bangladesh Student Association at the University of Houston. BAH and its members work diligently to keep the ideals vigilant among all of us, young and old! BAH also helps establish forums for the welfare of the community by exchanging ideas between the members and the people in and around our community. It is not only an event based organization, but also a support based organization that takes an active role in assisting people and the community when needed.  Over the years BAH organized cultural events and commemorative functions, as well as fund raising activities to help victims of natural disaster in Bangladesh and in Houston.
BAH now owns a 4 acres land in Houston and is in the process of building Bangladesh-American center (BAC), a piece of Bangladesh—home away from home! With that future in mind BAH is making this important commitment in the areas of diversity,  volunteer development, technology and communications to help align the association’s goals and to ensure that BAC and BAH become a vital and vibrant part of the city of ours, we call home --Houston.
BAH activities include working with local authorities, like “Mayor’s International and Development Council” to develop closer working ties and share information on opportunities and resources available in Houston for various communities. BAH serves as a liaison between our community and various local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, like FBI, HPD, Airport Security, etc., and discusses issues and concerns to find solutions that relates to our community. These interactions provide us a forum to discuss community concerns and work towards greater understanding. . BAH runs Bangla Pathshaala, a project to teach Bangla language to young and adults alike. This is in-tune for building strong and effective bridges in today’s society of global village that we all share. BAH also provides free medical services to the community members, involved in fund raising for solving a dire problem of Arsenic contamination in drinking water in Bangladesh, supports educational seminars, provides immigration services, offers mobile consular services, and  provides counseling for women. Bangladesh Association established “Zee Memorial Fund” that offers loans to community members for unforeseen contingences. These interest free loans have helped many individuals and families over the years during their time of crisis.
BAH promises to keep the association sound today while keep working to make the association stronger for the future. We have profound respect for the community’s support and we thank our community and its members for their support. We can make it better by working together to keep our heritage and culture alive.
We thank our patrons